Rapport White Papers

We have made available for download part of our series of white papers on subjects such as....

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At Rapport Consulting, our mission is to provide excellence in three areas:  Financial Training and Consulting, Management Development, and Team Building and Facilitation.

New Perspectives,
New Choices

In combining your needs with our experience, we can bring you new perspectives and new choices in how you develop your key people and your business.

Financial Training and

We offer a range of training programmes to help managers and others to develop their financial and business acumen. As a result, they can begin to act more like business men and women, rather than merely functional professionals.


Team Building and

We offer a range of team building interventions focused on achieving effective teamwork, one of the cornerstones of successful organisations. We also provide facilitation and consulting support to senior management teams grappling with change management and other business issues.



We offer a range of management development training programmes to help managers improve their effectiveness as managers. Each of these training programmes is aimed at improving individual contribution and overall company profitability.